We welcome all Malayalee families who are present in the Pathanamthitta area to join us!

Venad Pravasi Kudumbakshema Co-Operative Society ( Rgn.#PT269) have been registered as per the Co-Operative rules and regulations of Kerala State government with a share capital of Rs. 4.05 crores with the provision of Rs. 2 crores reserved for govt. and other government financial institutions to encourage the investment opportunities of NRI’s and their families of Pathanamthitta district. As the society is running under the approval of the State Co-operative registrar, each and every transactions are audited by the govt. authorities and the expenses or projects are to be get the prior approval. The registration is completed in 2015 February and functioning started in January 2016. The operational area of our society is the whole Pathanamthitta district. The office has been started functioning at Madavilayil buildings, High school Junction, just opposite to White Portico Hotel, Adoor. We have planned to start offices in all other major towns of Pathanamthitta district in due course.

The value is Rs.1000/share and the maximum number of shares allotted for an individual is 500 shares (Rs. 5,00,000/). Family members can also take any number of shares. A membership of Rs.100/ is applicable for every applicant irrespective of the number of shares taken.

We have formed a Gold Members Club in which members or family takes 100 shares and more will be included in the group and will be published in the website as well.

The shares cannot be transferred, surrendered or sell back to the society or outsiders for the 1st 3 years period. Cheque for shares must be sent in the name of society or through bank transfer. Or cash directly to the office. Official receipt is issued with the official stamp. Share certificate will be issued in 3 weeks from the date of application, after the approval of the Director Board.


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Members Mutual Benefit Fund

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Team who leads the Society

Nellikkunnil Sumesh
Tel: 9633553302/9447716302 - alisumesh@gmail.com
(Management Professional and Business man)

George Kurian
Hon. Secretary
Tel: 7034185949 - george.kurian777@gmail.com
(Management Professional)


Aboobeckar 9446817527
Smitha Wilson 8606294704
N. Shajahan 8943047074
Dr. Annie George 9349647571
K. N.Vishwambaran 9633156923
Reji P Tom 9447736646
Sam Abraham 9790929199
Reshmi. S. Nair 8921751278

Technical Directors

Manodh Mohan 9947519748
Binith Kurian George 8098072686
Alexi. E. George 9048735487

Along with our Board of Directors, we have an Executive Council that helps with the various functions of the society​. This also allows for more transparency and balance in all of our activities.