Upcoming Projects

Agency For Cashew Development Corporation

We have signed an agency agreement with Kerala State Cashew Development Corporation, which is a government undertaking of Kerala State for distribution and retailing of Cashew and its value added products. We have started this retailing in February and the distribution will be beginning from May – June 2017. We are under discussion with Spices Board of India to get the agency of its products

Proposed Projects Under Consideration

After completing this Jan Aushadhi project, our plan is to start some other projects which are under our consideration as they were suggested by our shareholders like retirement homes & dairy farms. A well maintained Retirement home for the parents of our members as well as the general public, a dairy farm or pasteurising unit to supply milk and milk products to our district and nearby districts, a Medical Tourism project , shopping mall etc. We are requesting our shareholders and well-wishers to send suggestions for new projects.

As we have a plan of rehabilitation of returnees, we reserve our jobs for share holders or their family members.

The director Board constitutes 11 professionals. To support our Director Board, we have formed an Executive Council of 15 members (technical experts and active members from our share holders), so that we can have complete transparency and members participation in our activities and work. Now we have got approval from the Government to nominate 2 people to the director board those who have special expertise.